Communication with Paloma

  • The PES website is an important resource available to you.  The most current information will be posted on the website.


    Periodically, you will receive recorded phone messages from our office containing school information and reminders.


    The Parent Portal is your one-stop shop for all information related to your child.  The Parent Portal is where you can see your child’s Attendance, as well as, grades. Please make sure you have logged into the Parent Portal and created an account.  A Parent Portal account is vital toward monitoring your child’s progress throughout the year.


    The outside marquee will be updated monthly to highlight major school events and activities.

    PANTHER PLANNER - Weekly Parent Newsletter

    Each week, the Panther Planner will be posted on our website, in the office, and sent to parents via email.  The Panther Planner is intended to be a quick update for parents on the week ahead with all important school information you need to know.  Please review it weekly to make sure you know what’s happening at school.


    A Wednesday Envelope is distributed to all students weekly. Important information from the school and classroom will be included in this envelope, as well as, student work samples. Please check this envelope weekly, initial the front cover, and send it back to school empty the next school day.


    TVUSD Board Policy 5131

    Paloma is well-equipped with telephones, they are located in every classroom and in all office areas.  We strongly encourage you to leave all personal cell phones at home, however, we also understand that the number of students carrying personal cell phones is increasing.  If your child has a personal cell phone and brings it to school, it must remain inside his or her backpack for the duration of the school day, unless in use with approval by the classroom teacher.  In permitting the possession of such devices, the District, the school site, its Administration and employees assume no liability for the loss or damage of the device or its misuse by another person.  If a disruption occurs or a student uses any cellular phone or personal electronic device for improper activities, we will ask the student to turn off the device and/or confiscate it. If we find it necessary to confiscate a device, we will return it at the end of the school day.


    Students are not permitted to use school telephones unless in the event of an emergency or serious situation.


    Please communicate all important information to your student before you drop him or her off each day.  Calls to the classroom disrupt the learning process and need to be limited at all times. In the event that an important message needs to be relayed to your child or your teacher, please call the office. We will write a note and relay it to your child so as not to disrupt classroom instruction. We also encourage you to use email to contact your child’s teacher.