Classroom Policies and Expectations


    Below are some expectations to foster and promote a safe and effective learning environment.
    • Respect others and school property.
    • Maintain personal space.
    • Help create a positive environment with positive and supportive dialogue.
    • No food, drinks, gum, or candy. Water is allowed.
    • Cell phones must be off and put away as well as earbuds.
    • Be prepared before the bell rings. Bring all materials.
    Computer Use
    Below are expectations for using computers in the classroom as well as on campus:
    • Use the computers to promote and support your learning in a positive and productive manner.
    • Do not damage, deface, or alter the computers.
    • Carry the computers with two hands and the screens closed.
    • Stay on designated web pages or assigned sites as determined by the teacher.
    • Posting or displaying inappropriate material will result in an office referral.
    • Report any damage immediately.