What Did I Miss in Pre-AP English 9?

  • Link to the Pre-AP English 9 Calendar


    That is a link to a live Google document that is updated at the end of each school day.  Although it is always best to check in with Mr. Boyatt if you miss class, this will give you the basics of what you missed in class.  When possible, I will include links to handouts or PowerPoints.

Setting up a NoRedInk Account

  • Go to www.NoRedInk.com          Here is a short video explaining the site.

    Click "Sign Up" --> Then click "I'm a Student"

     Enter Your Class Code:

    Period 1  late cake 28

    Period 2  busy icicle 60

    Period 5  soft wave 68


    Click on "Sign up with Google Account"  (It will be linked to your TVUSD account)


    How will we use the site in English 9?

    On Monday of each week, I will assign a skill to master.  You must complete the assignment by 7:00 PM Sunday night.  (The site will not allow you to submit anything late.)  The site allows you to work on the skill until you master it, so when you complete the assignment, you will be given a score of 10 out of 10.  Most weekly activities are designed to take less than 30 minutes.  If by chance you spend an hour on it, and just can't figure it out, bring in a signed note from your guardian stating that you spent an hour on it and just couldn't figure it out.  (I can check from my end to see what you struggled with and can intervene.  I will not dock you any points if you bring in that note.)

    When you finish the assignment, there will be a short quiz to see if you mastered the assignment.  Please complete both the practice AND the quiz before Sunday evening.  


    Troubleshoot:  Make sure you are using your SCHOOL Google account, not your personal one.   ID Number@my.tvusd.k12.ca.us