About AP English Language & Composition

  • Welcome to A.P. English Language!

    This course is equivalent to a beginning composition course in college, and therefore we will do a great deal of writing.  However, before you write, you will read many models that demonstrate the variety of skills and tools an author holds at his or her disposal. Authors use these tools for a variety of purposes, but each author has a purpose in mind before he or she sits down to write.  As a critical reader, you will constantly look for the connection between the author’s purpose and the skills and tools he or she has chosen.  With this in mind, it becomes clear that the reading and writing in the class are inextricably linked.  It is critical to your success that the readings are completed carefully and critically and the discussions are lively and thoughtful.  This should lead to voice in your writing, in the classroom, and in society.  We will write journals, timed writings, process papers, group papers, literary papers, and arguments.  We will write with style, coherence and clarity.  We will write with a mature voice and with academic integrity.  We will do these things because these skills will follow you to college, to the workplace, and to your personal life. Furthermore, we will learn to assess the arguments and positions of others with precision and with an open mind.