Rules and Procedures

  • Class Rules

    • Students must come to class on-time and prepared every day.
    • Students must be respectful to others at all times.
    • Students must participate in all activities.
    • Students must use the equipment the way it is intended to be used.
    • Students must pay attention and follow directions.
    • No horseplay will be allowed.
  • Uniforms and Dress for P.E.

    • Students are expected to be prepared to dress for P.E. every day regardless of weather conditions. 
    • Students must wear BVMS clothes.
    • Uniform must be cleaned weekly and must not be torn.
    • Do not modify or alter your uniforms in any way.
    • Remove all jewelry.
    • Names must be neatly written in the space on the uniform.
    • Sweats are optional in cool weather, but must not have pockets, hoods, buttons, or zippers.
    • Baseball type hats may be worn for sun protection.

    Loaners- Students may borrow loaner clothes if necessary, but they need to check them out at the beginning of the dressing period.  They will be required to run a "loaner-lap" to discourage the use of loaners.  Excessive use of loaners may result in loss of daily points and/or an alternate activity may be assigned.

  • Absences and Make-Up Procedure

    For each day you are absent, you must complete 30 minutes of aerobic-type activity. Please complete the PE Absence Make Up on my Canvas Page within one week of your return to school. In addition, if your absence is on a "Fitness day" or "Run Day" you may be asked to complete some additional make-up activities upon your return to school.

  • Medical P.E.

    Students may be excused from P.E. with a parent note for a maximum of 2 days.  Illness or injury longer than 2 days will require a doctor's note.  All assessments administered while a student is on medical P.E. must be made-up when they return.  For medical conditions lasting longer than 3 weeks, a course grade of Pass/Fail may be given.