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    This is the place to come for all important papers related to the course. Specific assiggnments will be on the ASL 1 page.

    I'm so happy you are here! 

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    The word Bears behind a picture of a bear facing forward

    Temecula Valley High School Mission statement

    We prepare our Golden Bears to thrive within and contribute to our community and our world. We do this by engaging and investing all students in challenging learning while supporting their needs. 

    Click on the link below for more specific information on the class

    Syllabus and Contract


    Absence and Participation make up assignment

    If you are absent, you can make up your participation that day by completing one of these parameter charts.
    Extra credit is only given if you are not missing any assignments.
    You will need to complete both sides and pick out your own vocabulary. 
    Each completed chart is worth 5 points. 

    Deaf Experience and Event instructions

    Click here for instructions or look on Google Classroom. 

    This classroom is a NO Bullying Zone.

    Any student found to bully in any way will be subject to appropriate school consequences. 

    Red slash through of various colored words indicating abuse of different types

Deaf students sitting around table conversing in ASL