The Desmos Calculator is the closest to the one used on the CAASPP testing.

    Desmos Scientific Calculator (appropriate for Math 8 & Compact courses)

    Desmos Graphing Calculator  (appropriate for Compact courses)


    The following provide Compact students with downloadable calculators that emulate the TI-84 calculators (the ones we use in class).  In the past, some students had trouble getting them to work on their computers, but you can try. :)

    Wabbitemu (link to site where you can then download)

    Click HERE for instructions for installing it on Windows.

    (Choose TI-84 Plus, if you want one similar to the ones we use at school.)


    Click HERE to take you to Practice Tests for the state CAASPP tests

    Once you are there, scroll down to the "Student Interface Practice and Training Tests" button on click on it.

    Click "Sign In".  You do not need a session code to practice at home.

    Select your grade level.

    Click "Yes"

    Do not change any settings. Scroll down and click "Select"

    Click "Yes, Start My Test"

    Read the Test Instructions and Help.

    When finished, click "Begin Test Now"