• No Spelling test this week.  We are working on the Unit 1 Assessments.
    • Unit 1 reading assessment on Wednesday.  We will have a practice passage in class and the students will bring a practice reading passage home on Tuesday for homework.

    • Unit 1 vocabulary word Test on Thursday.  The students will pick which vocabulary word completes the sentence.


    Monday - 9/25/23  

    • Math: Practice for Topic 1 Test tomorrow

    • No Spelling test this week.

    • There will be a Unit 1 Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday. I have sent home a page of the vocabulary words today to study. Unit 1 Vocabulary

    • Read for 20 Min. on Raz-Kids

    Tuesday - 9/26/23  

    • Math: Topic 1 Test today - Math worksheet for homework

    • Study Unit 1 Vocabulary words

    • Practice Unit 1 reading test passage and questions. We will take the test tomorrow.

    Wednesday - 9/27/23  

    • Math: Practice workbook 4-3 Reteaching and Practice

    • Study Unit 1  Vocabulary words - Test tomorrow

    • Read for 20 Min. on Raz-Kids

    Thursday - 9/28/23    

    • Math: Practice workbook 4-4 Reteaching and Practice.  We will most likely take the Topic 4 Test on Friday, but if I do not feel the students are ready we will take it the next week. 

    • Read for 20 Min. on Raz-Kids

     Friday - 9/29/23    

    • No Homework!
    • Have a wonderful weekend!