• Homework and Sharing list



    The district expectation for homework is that Kindergartens will do 15 minutes of homework 4 days a week. If your student is taking longer than that help them pace themselves. If they have time left, sit them down and read with them.


    I send homework out on Friday it is due back Thursday. This gives students that need more time 6 nights to do their work. It also gives me time to empty and check work and get it ready for the next week's homework.

    Share List Schedule

    Students will share something that starts with the same letter as the Letter of the Week. For example the first week the Letter of the week is "Ss," they can share a seal, sail boat, shark, sandles...  Students will tell us three things about their sharing. Use who, what, why, when, where, how questions when you are helping them figure out what to say. If you want to write down their script for the first few weeks that is fine. I will help them tell the important things they want us to know.

    Please be sure it is an item that is appropriate for school (no toy guns for Gg, etc.)


    Letter/Sight Word of the Week/Sharing Schedule




    8/15/19  Aa-Hh Preview         I, can

    8/19        Ii-Rr Preview

    8/26        Ss-Zz Preview

    9/2          Mm                           the

    9/9          Aa                             we

    9/16        Ss                             see

    9/23        Pp                             a

    9/30        Tt                             like

    10/7                 Review

    10/14      Ii                              to

    10/21      Nn                            and

    10/28      Kk, Cc                      go

    11/4        Oo                            you

    11/11      Dd                            do

    11/18              Thanksgiving Break

    11/25      Hh                            my

    12/2        Ee                             are

    12/9        Ff, Rr                        with, he

    12/16              Polar Express  

    12/24              Christmas Break

    1/6/19     Bb, Ll                        is little

    1/13        Kk, ck                       she, was

    1/20                Review

    1/27        Uu                            for, have

    2/3          Gg, Ww                    of, they

    2/10        Xx, Vv                      said, want

    2/17        Jj, kw. qu                 here, me

    2/24        Yy, Zz                       this, what

    3/2                 Review

    3/9          long a                       help, too

    3/16        long i                        has, play

    3/23               Spring Break

    4/6          long o                       where, look

    4/13        long u                       good, who

    4/20        long e                       come, does

    4/27               Review


    Show and Tell must start with the letter of the week.  No weapons of any type are allowed.  

    There will be letter and sight word, sharing homework for most of the year. There will also be math homework down the line. As the year progresses we will add or change things as we go.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Mc.




    Share Day Schedule

    Monday:       Tessa, Carter, Luke, Bryan, Jonathan, and Cove

    Tuesday:       Wyatt, Delaney, Jose, Linzy, Isabel, and Gianna

    Wednesday:   Cooper, Iris, Leila, Benjamin, and Cash   

    Thurdsay:     Jack, Alina, Skyler, Andrew, and Raelynn



    Sharing should start with the same letter as the word of the week. For example, the first letter is “Mm” so sharing needs to begin with the letter “Mm.”

    Marbles, monkeys, magic trick, Minnie Mouse . . . all start with “Mm.”

    Help them practice what they are going to say. You may want to write it down on a card for a few weeks so I can help coach them through the sharing.

    Answer 3 of the ?s: Who, what, when, where, why, and how.

    Keep their sharing in their backpack until it is time to share.

    Due to time constraints, if your child is absent on his/her share day, there will NOT be a “make-up” time for sharing. They will miss it for the week.



    If there is a school holiday on a Monday or Friday, students will be able to share on the next/prior school day. For example, September 4th is Labor Day and there is no school. Monday sharers will share on Tuesday, September 5th as well as the regular Tuesday kids.

    If there is a school holiday on a Friday, students will be able to share on the prior day (Thursday).