• Classroom Expectations

    Dear Families,

    Our classroom expectations are as follows:


    I will be safe.

    I will be respectful.

    I will be responsible.

    I will be fair.

    We have already started talking about what each of these means and will continue to do so throughout the year.


    If your student meets these expectations they may be praised, raise their pin, get positive phone calls or notes home, and/or get to visit the office for the right reasons.. They will get Good Day Tickets sent home.


    If your student does not meet these expectations they will be reminded what is expected, warned/shown how to improve, move their pin down, go to timeout, not receive good day tickets, get unfortunate phone calls or notes home, be moved to another room for a couple minutes, and/or get to visit the office for the wrong reasons.


    On our behavior chart every student starts their day on "Wonderful" it is up to their behavior as to whether they get to move up, remain the same or move down. If they earn/work their way up to "Fantastic" they will get two Good Day Tickets. If they earn/work their way down one time they will still get a Good Day TicketMoving their pin down more than once in a day will keep them from earning a Good Day Ticket. If that happens I will try to send home a note or call you to explain what happened.