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    K Sight Words

    Kinder Sight Words

    (Expert Words)


    The major goal of the kindergarten spelling program is to focus on what we call expert or high frequency sight words. Our expert words are commonly used two to four letter words. There are 40 expert words that kindergarteners are responsible to learn. The emphasis of our program is placed on exposure to and recognition of these words in a variety of contexts. In the classroom, we work on recognizing these words in stories we read and write, along with practicing them in isolation, such as with flash cards. One way you can help your child learn these words is by pointing them out as you read to him/her. Please remember these words are a year-long focus.


    The sooner your student can learn these the sooner they can learn how to read.

    I   can   the   we   see   a   like   


    to   and   go   you   do 


    my   are   with   he   is   little   she   was  


    for   have   of   they   said   want   here   me   this   what


    help   too   has   play   where   look   good   who   come   does


    I would suggest you put all the words on flash cards and take 4 or 5 a day and work on just those words. With my own kids we flashed through five words 2 times every day when we got home from school. Then we flashed through the same five words 2 more times just before dinner. We flashed through the same five words 2 more times just before we brushed our teeth.

    In the end I know my kids saw five words 6 times a day. When they knew a word for a couple days in a row I took it out and put in a new word. That way they always had new words to work on and words they were starting to recognize. It takes about 5 minutes a day, but once you get in the routine it becomes part of their day.