• Snack and Lunch



    All kindergartners will get a brief time at 10:30-10:45 to have snack/recess, except modified Wednesdays, when dismissal is at 1:00 for the whole school.



    Please feed your child a good breakfast before they come to school and pack a very light healthy snack of one item i.e. granola bar or string cheese, etc. and a drink. No sodas or candy please! We only have  15 min. to play and eat and then we have lunch about a half hour later. Lunchables, or too many items at snack time take too long to eat and students are disappointed when they can’t play. J LEAVE snacks in their backpacks.



    Late birds are welcome to bring a snack, but won’t have a lot of time to eat and play so they might opt out of bringing a snack and eat a big breakfast right before they come. *I would suggest Late Birds eat their snack before they get to school.


    Please pack a healthy lunch that your child can eat in 20 minutes.

    If you would like your child to purchase lunch please go to the BES web page and click on the PAYPAMS link to prepay for their lunch(s). Please do not send your Kindergartener with cash. It too often gets lost.