• Intro to Engineering - 6th Grade

    Course Description:  The S.T.E.M. program is an integrated, hands-on, project-based curriculum. Students will apply the Engineering Design Process to solve real-world problems. This course integrates some of the essential learning outcomes linked to the engineering standards in the Next Generation Science Standards and enhances the content taught in our traditional core math and science classes.



    I will supply each student with a class notebook.  This notebook remains in class at all times, unless you have unfinished work or an upcoming quiz.  Assignments will be collected as a "unit" and scored using a rubric.  Additionally, we are a class that builds stuff!!!  From time to time, we will need materials from home.  These are optional donations, but greatly appreciated!


    Grading Policy:

    A traditional grading scale will be used.

    40% of grade = projects and labs.

    30% = tests and quizzes.

    20% = Unit notes.

    10% = Behavior/Collaboration