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Course Selection Process for 2021 / 2022

  • Course Selection Process:  (This information is also included in the Course Selection Presentation video/slides)


    • Step 1 View the Course Selection Presentation 


    • Step 2 Research Courses *(Very Important)* 
      • Talk with teachers, counselors, parents, siblings, and friends
      • Attend Spring Showcase (February 25th) to learn about classes, programs, pathways, etc
      • Visit the Course Selection webpage and Google Classrooms for links to course info & forms


    • Step 3 Opportunity to attend Counselor Course Selection Interventions 


    • Step 4 Enter 6 core courses per semester in Infinite Campus (IC) Academic Planner 
      • Enter the 6 core classes from your Course Selection Guide for each semester next year (total of 12 classes/60 credits) into your Infinite Campus Academic Planner. Do NOT enter your alternates into IC.
      • Focus on completing your next year's courses 1st and save before you exit every time.


    • Step 5 Complete Alternatives Google Form 
      • Alternatives Google Form
      • This form will help counselors place students into classes should their original request in the Academic Planner not work in the scheduler.  PLEASE select ONLY classes that you would be HAPPY to be placed in, given if your original requested class was unavailable.  You will have a total of four alternate choices. 


    • Step 6 Counselors Review Course Requests 
      • Counselors will review students' course requests for alignment with high school graduation requirements & reported post-high school plans.


    • Step 7 Parent Confirm Approval via Infinite Campus Academic Planner 
      • Parents please log in to your Parent Portal in Infinite Campus & review your student’s course requests. When you are in approval with the requests, please select the Check Box (Approved by Parent/Legal Guardian).




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