• Glands in the Endocrine System Project

    After watching the videos on the glands in the endocrine systm, take notes on the names, locations, and functions of each gland.

    Create a poster with all of the glands drawn and colored in the correct location and their functions explained.

    Choose one gland. What would happen if the gland was removed from the body or it stopped functioning? Write a paragraph telling what gland you are removing, what the gland does for the body, and then describe what would happen to the body if this gland was not present. How would the body react? What would the body not be getting and how would that impact the body?

  • Students will research an organism from Madagascar and create a presentation with their information.

    Create a Google Slides presentation on the organism from Madagascar that you chose.
    Your presentation must have the following slides:
    1. Title slide with color image and name of animal
    2. Map showing where your organism lives. Tell where animal lives and describe your organism's habitat.
    3. Is your organism predator, prey, or both? What does it eat/how does it get food?
    4. What specialized traits does your organism have? Explain how your organism uses these traits to survive. Include pictures showing the traits.
    5. Give three or more cool facts about your organism. Include a picture.
    6. List of references-Books, magazines, or websites where you got your information and pictures.

    Be ready to present your organism to the class.

  • Rocket Ship Ride through Earth’s Atmosphere

    You are a tour guide for a rocket ship company that gives tours of the atmosphere.

    You have been asked to write a travel brochure that includes facts about each layer of the atmosphere (five in total-the thermosphere and exosphere can share a page). Include the name of the layer, where it is located,what the temperature is like, how dense the air particles are, and major features of the layer.


    Your brochure should have an eye-catching cover (colored). You will also need to draw and color a picture to represent each layer. You need to include a picture showing the layers, altogether and in order, through which your ship will be traveling.


    Neatness, spelling, and grammar will be a part of your grade.