Late Work/No Name policy

  • Late Work Policy

    Students are expected to turn each assignment in on time.  Work will earn full credit on or before its due date.

     Late Work from Unexcused Absences

    • Unjustified late work/assignments will earn a maximum of 90% credit for two school days.  Afterwards the maximum score will drop to 80% of the earned score for eight (8) more calendar days.  Thereafter, all late work will be worth a maximum of 60%.

     Late Work from Excused Absences

    • When work is late due to an excused absence, THERE WILL BE NO PENALTY FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE SCHOOL DAYS.  After those two days, the policy connected to Late Work from Unexcused Absences applies.

     Late Work from Excused Absences

    • Tests missed due to excused absence can be made up at any time within reason.  Please contact Mr. Gerow a.s.a.p. when a test is missed at (BEST & FASTEST) or 699-8138 X1505.  


    No Name Policy

    If a paper is submitted without a heading or any way to identify its owner, it will remain in the "No Name" bin until it is claimed and resubmitted.

    These papers will not be marked late (as long as they were submitted on time) but will be marked down by 3 points as a gentle reminder to be more responsible.