Explore: Digital Media Arts

  • This course will explore the fundamentals of digital media and their application in various real world projects through web-based media applications. Aligning with the CTE pathway standards for Arts, Media, and Entertainment, students will demonstrate their understanding of digital media as it applies to copyright, design, development, and application. From cell phone photography to portfolio design, copyright to podcasts, students will explore, analyze, design, and create meaningful projects.


    Course Objective

    The goal of this course is to enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of digital media and apply learned skills within individual and collaborative projects which reflect “real world” applications.

  • Technology and Resources

    We will be using technology and resources most commonly found in middle school students’ hands . . . cells phones and tablets. If students do not have access to a cell phone, other arrangements will be made. Most, if not all, projects will be completed using our school’s Chromebooks in class. Students are more than welcome to use any technology available to them outside the classroom as long as it gets the job done. Below is a list of the resources and technology used but not limited to:

    Chromebooks ● Cell Phones ● Pixlr ● Vectr ● Vocaroo ● Google Sites

  • A list of suggested supplies:

    ● Planner (hard copy or electronic version - Google Calendar)

    ● Earbuds

    ● Loose leaf, college notebook paper

    ● Pencils with erasers

    ● Pens - red and black ink

    ● Highlighters - multiple colors