• Absolutely No Food or Drink in the classroom at any time. (Water is ok)
    • Students will respect the personal property and space of fellow students. Respect teacher’s space…NO ONE IN OFFICE, KFIN studio, or STORAGE AREA!!!!
    • Students will obey the school’s Dress Code.
    • Rude, Profane and Abusive language will not be tolerated.
    • When the bell rings, students are to be participating in Warm-up activities, or in their seats working on Journals, or Board work.
    • Attentive Listening, Students will give their full attention and respect to whoever is performing or addressing the class.
    • During performances no talking, leaving the room, or working on other assignments…full audience participation and feedback is expected. Points will be deducted to anyone causing a distraction
    • Respect the institution of the artist and their space. Please, please, please be respectful and courteous and supportive with/to your fellow performers at all times!