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    ASL 2019-2020 Class contract 


    By initialing and signing this contract, I am declaring that I understand all information within the course syllabus and that I agree to or support my student to abide by the rules and requirements of this articulated course as well as the school and district rules and policies. 

    Student      Parent 

    _________ _________ I understand and agree to follow all of the classroom rules, as described in the course syllabus in all sections. 

    _________ _________ I understand and agree to follow the school’s and district’s rules and regulations, as described in the 2018-2019 (or current) TVHS Student Handbook and on the TVHS and district’s websites. 

    _________ _________ I understand that it is MY OWN RESPONSIBILITY to find out and make-up any assignments, projects, participation points, or tests/quizzes I have missed whenever I am absent and complete them in the time allowed to do so (IT’S ALL AVAILABLE ONLINE!) 

    _________ _________ I understand that NO late/make-up work will be accepted past the given class and school policies, except in the case of a discussed IEP or 504 plan or an agreed-upon arrangement with the teacher prior to the assignment due date. 

    _________ _________ I understand the class grading breakdown and percentages, as set forth by the ASL strand of the World Language Department. 

    _________ _________ I understand that I can find and download the course calendars, assignment instructions, rubrics, study guides, dictionaries, and basic course-related information and links through the class website and that the website will be updated on an ongoing basis, as frequently as possible. 

    _________ _________ I understand that my parents and I can check student grades and progress at any time via Infinite Campus, which can be accessed from the TVHS website and from the Apple and Google Play cell phone app. 

    _________ _________ I understand what class materials may be required of me throughout the year, including the frequent use of a cell phone with recording and uploading capabilities, and that I am to leave my textbook and my workbook at home at all times (unless notified on particular days ahead of time by the teacher.) No books can be stored in the classroom and I bear full responsibility for the books checked out in my name.

     _________ _________ I understand that every resource for this class is available in class and online and that I not only need daily access to the internet and technology that will allow internet access, but that I must also be a proactive student and keep up-to-date with the information that is posted online and in the classroom 

    _________ _________ I understand that this is a fast-paced American Sign Language college-articulated course taught in primarily in the target language with supplemental materials in English and that I will be required to sign AND read sign language on a daily basis. Therefore, I agree to study on a DAILY basis and ask for help so that I do not fall behind! 

    I have read and understand the rules and requirements of this course. 




    Student Name (Please Print)                                                        Student Signature                                        Date 





    Parent/Guardian Name (Please Print)                                        Parent/Guardian Signature                          Date 




    Please initial, sign, date, and return this contract to me, Mrs. White, no later than Friday, August 30, 2019.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time throughout the year with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to the upcoming 2019-2020 school year! ...Go Bears!