• Advanced Placement Environmental Science (a.k.a. APES)        


    Mrs. Burdick-Rutz   cburdick-rutz@tvusd.us        

    AP Environmental Science is a course on cause, effect and solutions to environmental issues.  We will learn this by using science, as a process, to analyze energy, observe earth as an interconnected system, examine how humans alter our world and finally reflect that the health of our environment depends on a sustainable earth system for all of us.

    The materials and experiences presented in this course will help you gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for our natural world.  You will be encouraged to integrate personal sustainability habits into your life.  This knowledge will be developed through discussions, labs, research and writing on topics under the course categories listed in the table below.

    Our course is designed to match the curriculum laid out by College Board at AP Central.  It is encouraged that students take the AP exam.  Students who earn a score of 3, 4 or 5 may receive college credit when they further their education after high school.  This course is accepted as a lab based science course for UC and Cal State admissions (the "D" category).

    We follow the AP Central course description which you can read here- 

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    Critical Dates to Remember:

    Semester 1 Final Exam:   12/19/2023                                                                    Semester 2 Final Exam:  5/2/2024

    APES College Board Exam:   Thursday, 5/9/24 at 8:00am

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    Practice Scholarship-Due to the nature of this course, it is an expectation that you have good organization.  The rigor and pace of the class demands consistent, frequent studying of manageable chunks of information, I mean 5 nights a week (at least 20 minutes)!   This is necessary for your brain to retain knowledge.  A pacing guide will be provided to help you and support your reading schedule.  


    •  Our textbook is Exploring Environmental Science.  It is only a hardcopy and should keep it at home by your study spot. 

    •  I think you should hand write notes in summary style (Cornell Style) because they can  be used to study from better than a digital notebook. 

    Weighted Grading Categories:


    Unit Tests  and FRQ's


    Labs & Projects




    MY AP Classroom and Practice


    FINAL EXAM (like a practice exam 80 questions)



    Labs and Projects 



    Intro Unit- Sustainability (Ch. 1 and 2)

    • Acts and Laws

    • Tragedy of the Commons Lab

    • “A walk in my shoes” Project

    Unit 1:Ecosystems;  (Ch. 3, 5, 6)

    • Primary Productivity Lab

    • Soils Testing Lab

    Unit 2: Biodiversity   (Ch.  4, 7)

    • Endangered Species Project

    Unit 3: Populations  (Ch. 8, 9)

    • Invasive Species Project   

    Unit 4 Earth Systems & Resources (Ch. 11, 13) 

    • Mining Simulation Lab

    • Amazon Deforestation 

    • Rot Race-Compost Lab



    Biodiversity Index Lab and Fieldwork

    Unit 5:Land & Water Use (Ch. 10, 12)

    • Salinization/LC50  LAB

    • Grow Lab

    Unit 6 Energy & Conservation (Ch. 14, 15)

    • Renewable Energy Lab

    Unit 7 Atmospheric Pollution  (Ch. 19)

    •  Air Pollution Project

    Unit 8 Aquatic/Terrestrial Pollution (Ch.16, 17, 18) 

    •  Water Quality Lab

    •   TRASH Lab

    Unit 9 Global Climate Change (Ch. 20)

    • After Exam: Sustainable City Project

    • Sustainable Food Buffet

    Note: Plans are subject to change as necessary

    Grading Scale

    A  = 5pt

    B = 4pt

    C = 3pt

    F = 0pt





    *Your AP grade converts GPA, ex. “A” in AP=5 points 


    Do your own work.  Academic Integrity is critical and routinely enforced.  Citations for your Project Research  Credit must be given & plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.  If you cannot cite the website then you cannot use the information!   No AI and ChatGPT to be used on documents you submit for grades.

    APA format is standard for science writing.  There are sites on the web that tell you exactly how to write one.  


    (Even though I went to MSU this is a good website.)

    Environmental Science is not just a class, it is a way of thinking about the world and the choices we make!  Enjoy this opportunity, as you are among the few who will take the time to STUDY and learn about our Environment.  You will become an expert.         

    Sincerely,     Mrs. Burdick-Rutz

    When you get to this point into the textbox entry answer this question:

    What/Where is your favorite place to be out in nature and why?


Rocky Shores Biodiversity Index Lab

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