Green Ribbon 2019/2020

  • Three More TVUSD Schools Receive California SILVER Green Ribbon School Awards and TVUSD Receives District GOLD Award

    SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond announced last week that 25 schools and eight districts earned 2020 California Green Ribbon Schools awards. “Congratulations to this year’s honorees,” said Thurmond. “California Green Ribbon Schools expertly use local approaches to tackle global issues such as sustainability and environmental literacy. Students are not only learning and practicing environmental stewardship but also sharing those sustainable practices with their families and in their communities.”


    The application process and maintenance of green schools is a huge undertaking and everyone involved is to be commended for their efforts.


    TVUSD's California Green Ribbon School 2020 Awardees

    ▪ Margarita Middle School (Silver)

    ▪ Susan La Vorgna Elementary School (Silver)

    ▪ Ysabel Barnett Elementary School (Silver)


    Local Education Agencies 2020 Award

    ▪ Temecula Valley Unified School District (Gold)


    TVUSD has eight previous Green Ribbon schools. The addition of the 2020 schools and district award now gives TVUSD twelve Green Ribbon school honors. Margarita and Barnett are repeat honorees, having received honors in previous years.


    TVUSD Twelve Green Ribbon Schools/District Honorees 2017-2020

    Temecula Valley Unified School District Gold Award 2020

    Susan La Vorgna Elementary Silver Award 2020

    Ysabel Barnett Elementary School Silver Award 2018; Silver Award 2020

    Margarita Middle School Bronze Award 2019; Silver Award 2020

    Temecula Valley High School Bronze Award 2019

    Crowne Hill Elementary School Bronze Award 2019

    Red Hawk Elementary School Bronze Award 2019

    Rancho Vista High School Gold Award 2018

    Paloma Elementary School Silver Award 2018

    Great Oak High School Silver Award 2017