Retake Policies

We all make mistakes

  • From time to time we all miss the mark.  My goal is that students learn the material and demonstrate their understanding of it effectively.  That means that occasionally students will need a second chance and I am willing to give that to them, but with some conditions.  All retakes have a maximum of a two-week window after that grade has been returned to students :

    • Retakes on assignments must be completed within two weeks of my returning the assignment with its grade completed.  To earn credit students must completely redo the assignment, not just pick what parts they want to fix.
    • Retakes on quizzes require that students show me their completed assignments for the week leading up to that quiz in their notebook.  These assignments are the key to student success on quizzes and tests.
    • Retakes on tests require students to meet with me during PRIDE or  Before School to complete corrections to their original test.  Their retake will not be the same version of the test but will contain the same content.  

    As always please contact me if you have any questions at