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  • AME Teacher /Co-CTE Department Chair

    Mrs. Kim Randall


Pathway Overview

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    "Production and Managerial Arts"


    Students develop advanced training in digital media content creation such as video/broadcast production, graphic design, social media marketing, and web design. In the 2nd year concentrator course, students create and produce GBTV (Golden Bear Television). Throughout the pathway, students will engage in career readiness skills such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, as well as leadership development. They participate in a variety of work-based learning opportunities, from job shadowing to mentorship. Students will have an opportunity to advance their creativity. 


    Meets a-g requirements:

    Video Media Arts (Intro.) -'f'Digital Media Arts (Intro)- 'f'Advanced Video Media Arts (Concentrator)- 'f'VMA Capstone (Capstone)- 'f'


    Articulation-earn college units (free)


    Media Arts 1-Digital (3 units)

    Media Arts 1-Video (3 units)


    Media Arts 2 (3 units)


    Industry Partners