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    Mr. Cole Randall

    email: crandall@tvusd.us

Pathway Overview

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    "Software and Systems Development"


    This pathway is designed to get students ready for a career in IT, especially Computer Programming and Software Development. The introductory course AP Computer Science Principles introduces students to computer science with topics that include coding, problem solving, design strategies, organization of data, algorithms, solution analysis, and the ethical/social implications of computing.  In the concentrator course CTE Computer Programming, students learn computer programming in Python and C++, using structured programming styles. The capstone course, AP Computer Science A, focuses on both object-oriented and imperative problem solving and design using Java language.


    Meets a-g requirements:

    AP Computer Science Principles (Intro.) -'g'CTE Computer Programming (Concentrator)- 'g'AP Computer Science A (Capstone)- 'g'


    Articulation-earn college units (free)


    AP Computer Science Principles (3 units)

    CTE Computer Programming (3 units)



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