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Educational Philosophy

As a former 4th grader, my biggest struggle in school was math (fractions, yuck!). As a 4th grade teacher, my favorite subject to teach is..... math (much to the shock and dismay of my 4th grade self.)

I can still remember when I had my "aha" moment in 4th grade, trying to figure out how to turn mixed fractions into improper fractions, and crying my way through several lessons. I had a wonderful teacher, who would not let me give up on myself. She stood with me through the tears and guided me until I was able to discover for myself how to convert those fractions. Many years later, I still tell all of my students this story. Perseverance, practice and patience make all the difference if you want to make progress. Students in my class know they don't have to get it right, but they do have to try. It is amazing what students discover for themselves during this process.

It is my teaching philosophy that students understand how to take risks, how to think independently, and how to keep going, even when concepts are difficult. I support this philosophy with high levels of support for all learners along with high educational and behavioral expectations. As a class, we work daily to create an emotionally safe, responsive and supportive environment where all learners can feel comfortable taking educational risks.