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What does a responsive classroom look like?

Here at Rancho Elementary, we practice responsive classroom techniques in order to support student-centered learning and to support students' social and emotional needs. In my classroom, students can expect to see and participate in:

-Daily check-ins with a 1-1 check in with me via Google Forms, allowing for a safe dialogue to occur between myself and the students. 

-Morning meetings where students can connect with classmates and spend time engaging socially and making connections. This practice helps build a safe and supportive classroom community.

-Class Dojo for earning points as a class and individually for meeting school, classroom, and behavior expectations. Students can turn points in at our Class Dojo store for prizes. 

-Calming techniques and practices for students who experience anxiety or need support with self-regulation.

-Use of educational technology (Seesaw, Keynote, Nearpod, etc) to excite and ignite passionate learning. 

-Student choice and voice on assignments and projects.