• For my classes, mandatory supplies are a 3-ring binder and pencils that work. (I can provide these supplies if necessary at the start of the year, but my expectation is that students will be responsible and continue to bring them daily.) All students must also bring their TVUSD-issued Chromebooks or personal devices daily.

    Accelerated 7 students will be provided with class notes which they must bring daily, but they will leave their hardback textbooks at home. (A set of hardback textbooks is also provided in the classroom.)

    Math 7 students will be provided with a workbook (1st semester: Volume 1 and 2nd semester: Volume 2) which they must bring daily.

    Click the link for your class, above, to view the syllabus which provides general information, as well as a list of optional supplies that are useful both at home AND in the classroom.

    Wish-list items that are always appreciated (as donations): pencils, whiteboard markers, and wipes.

Supplies: Binder and Pencils