Degrees and Certifications:

Why do I teach?

I teach for many reasons. However, I have three main reasons why I began teaching.

Social and Emotional

I believe it is my number one responsibility as an educator to ensure that every child that enters my classroom feels safe, loved, and respected. That is my top priority. Every child deserves to have a safe space where they can feel like they are being their best selves while learning how to interact appropriately with peers and effectively manage their emotions.


In addition to strengthening their SEL skills, I believe building a supportive classroom community is yet another guarantee that each child should have when entering our class. Building a community sets them up for their roles in the community as future adults and allows every child to feel fully accepted and that they have an integral role in our class. Feeling accepted and like they play a role in our classroom will set them up for success.

To create lifelong learners

Lastly, it is one of my top goals to create lifelong learners. Our classroom is a responsive one. I want all students to walk out of my classroom feeling eager to continue learning once they get home, once the school year is over, and once they are entirely out of school altogether.