Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Arellano

Mrs. Sandra Arellano (Ms. Sandy)

Ms. Sandy brings more than 25 years of early childhood experience to Love to Learn as she returns to TVUSD.  She has served students at TVUSD through the federal programs Head Start and Even Start Family Literacy, as well as California’s State Preschool program and our First Five Preschool For All program through 2013.

We are fortunate to have Mrs. Arellano return to TVUSD to establish the District’s first general education preschool class at Alamos Elementary.  Ms. Sandy holds a Bachelor’s degree with extensive training and experience in early literacy development using Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP).  

Love to Learn Preschool staff reference the California Preschool Learning Foundations and the California Preschool Curriculum Framework to establish high-quality learning opportunities that optimize children’s development, learning, and overall well-being.  

Equally important is the program’s focus and attention to the quality of teacher-student interactions, using evidence-based strategies to support social-emotional learning (SEL).  Social-emotional learning opportunities help our preschool children learn how to cope with feelings, set goals, make decisions and get along with others.

Building on this cornerstone for all learning, Mrs. Arellano has planned a program that serves the whole child for all of our preschool children.  At TVUSD’s Love to Learn Preschool, there will be singing, conversing, creative expression, writing, numeracy and letters, reading, dancing, joy and a true love for learning.  It is our vision to ensure that our Love to Learn preschool students are ready and well prepared for kindergarten.