Suicide Prevention

  • The Governing Board recognizes that suicide is a leading cause of death among youth and that school personnel who regularly interact with students are often in a position to recognize the warning signs of suicide and to offer appropriate referral and/or assistance. To attempt to reduce suicidal behavior and its impact on students and families, the Superintendent or designee shall develop measures and strategies for suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention. 

    The Board shall ensure that measures and strategies for students in grades K-6 are age appropriate and delivered and discussed in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of young students. (Education Code 215)

Policy 5141.52: Suicide Prevention

  • Board Policy

  • K-6 Readability BP 5141.52 Suicide Prevention.pdf


  • Riverside County Crisis Intervention & Access/Service: 951-686-HELP (4357)

    Riverside County Department of Mental Health
    4095 County Circle Drive
    P.O. Box 7549
    Riverside, CA 92513

    Youth Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

    Envía un mensaje de texto con la palabra AYUDA al 741741 

    Spanish Suicide Prevention Hotline: