Community Advisory Partners

Community Advisory Partners
  • CAP is the team of individuals that work together to discuss data and make informed decisions about programs and services that directly impact student achievement at Paloma.

    This year, we're shifting to a new practice and we will be holding CAP meetings at our own site! Over the past two years, we have participated in regional CAP meetings at the district level and we will have that opportunity again. But, before that, we'll be meeting as a site team, discussing our data, and determining what our students need. We will have our own set of funds and be able to use the information gained from our data to offer students new programs and/or supports with those funds. This is an AMAZING opportunity.

    Please plan to join us for this year's meetings:

    Tuesday, September 18th

    Tuesday, October 23rd

    Tuesday, November 6th

    Tuesday, March 19th