TVUSD Volunteers

  • To access information regarding TVUSD volunteers from a school website, please click here.  (If you are on TVUSD's District site, please scroll down for additional volunteer information.)

    The Temecula Valley Unified School District values the many contributions our volunteers make to our school district each year.  The District's Administrative Regulation outlining procedures for volunteers can be accessed via the following link: Volunteers (link under construction)

    If you would like to volunteer at one of our schools, please complete the following forms, which can be accessed in the Human Resources Public Google Folder by clicking here:

    1. Megan's Law Background Check Form:  You  must have a current Megan's Law Background Check on file with the school site where you are volunteering. You are only required to complete the form once, you do not need to complete a form each school year.

    2. Volunteer Code of Conduct:  You must have a current Code of Conduct form on file at each site where you volunteer.

    3. TB Test:  You must have a current TB test on file with the school site office. TVUSD offers volunteer TB Test Clinics. Please see below for clinic information.

    4. Once completed, please take these requirements to the school where you wish to be a volunteer.

Watchdog Order Form

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Watchdog Contact Information

  • Any questions or concerns can be emailed to Tommy Powell at or you can call/text him at (619) 838-0272.

All about Watchdogs

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Volunteer Information

  • Each parent volunteer will need to fill out Megan's Law Form and a Volunteer Code of Conduct Form.

    In addition, we will also need a TB Certificate signed by your Doctor or TB Test Results. Please take the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire below and have it signed by your Doctor.



    All dads wanting to participate in the program need to fill out the Megan's Law and Code of Conduct. They will also need to have a current TB. If you do not have a current TB, print out the TB Questionaire and Certificate and take to your Primary Care Doctor to have it filled out, this certificate once filled out by the doctor will serve as your TB compliance. Please return all forms to the Health Office and bring along a form of identification. Clearance through the school districts board will take about a month to two months, so plan accordingly.