1.  Go to homecampus.com to create (register) or update your student’s account. 
    2.  Take the physical and health history forms that are provided in the online account to your healthcare provider.  The physical given must be a Sports Physical (see below) not a "well check" physical.  A sports physical will have the specific wording “cleared for all sports without restrictions”. The completed physical must have the provider’s signature and stamp.
    3.  Once you have completed the online clearance, you will be able to print out and sign the Confirmation page. You will find the Confirmation page in your student's online account.  Find the box that says Confirmation, print and sign. 
    4.  Upload the Confirmation page and physical onto the online account or scan them to Heather Lapierre at hlapierre@tvusd.us
    5. If you choose to upload the paperwork to the online account, you'll need to email Ms. Lapierre and let her know that the process has been completed.  She will go into your student’s account, check for completion and clear your student.  
    6.  The coaches from each team that you have selected will be able to see if the student is cleared for their specific sport. 
    If you have any questions about individual sports, you will find the coach's contact information on the TVHS Athletic page.  Find the season of sport (Fall, Winter, Spring), then click on the season.  
    Please contact Heather Lapierre via email if you have any questions about clearing your student.

    Under state law, school districts are required to ensure that all members of school athletic teams have accidental injury insurance that covers medical and hospital expenses. This insurance requirement can be met by the school district offering insurance or other health benefits that cover medical and hospital expenses.

    Some pupils may qualify to enroll in no-cost or low-cost local, state, or federally sponsored health insurance programs. Information about these programs may be obtained by calling 1-877-410-8827.

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