Degrees and Certifications:

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona M.Ed., American International College, Cairo, Egypt

Mr. Krefft

Well, I thought I always wanted to be an engineer. I made my way through engineering school. Graduated and worked in the field for a while. Got bored of the cubical. Shifted to construction management. Spent my time outside, although I quickly realized that this career, while better than where I started, still was not for me. Interestingly enough, my favorite aspect of the job was training new project engineers (construction managers just out of college). What was my calling? My mom was a teacher and my little brother had been teaching for a few years now. Maybe this was where I belonged? I began teaching 10 years ago. It has been the best 10 years of my professional life.

What did this teach me? I was wrong about what I wanted to be in high school. Wrong again in college. Wrong at my first real job. Wrong again at the second. I did not realize my passion until 30. Was that bad? Not at all. What is important is to remember that we all evolve as we grow. Success in life, however you measure it, doesn't need to happen immediately. What is important is to always move forward. A little step is still a step. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we get knocked back. Although we can always dig deep, get back up, and keep moving forward.

So what gets me up in the morning? Well, I'm motivated by three things everyday:

Helping all my students reach their goals.

Being the best husband and support structure I can be for my wife.

Being the best father I can be for my son.


Contact Information

School Telephone: (951) 695-7320