• What is CAP?

    Community Advisory Partners or "CAP" is a group of parents who meet to discuss their concerns and needs for students at the school site. This is a general meeting, aimed at finding programs to best serve our entire school community. Each year the state gives our school sites monies to purchase items for our students, which can include safety, technology programs, tutoring, etc.

    Responsibilities of CAP

         1. Analyze school site data.
         2. Identify current resources and program practices
         3. Prioritize site needs
         4. Monitor the effectiveness of actions and services as new data arises
         5. Facilitate correspondence between ELAC and other school site committees and CAP
         6. Maintain agendas, minutes, and sign-in sheets for all CAP meetings

    Click here for information regarding our 2022-2023 CAP meetings.

    If you have questions about our school CAP, please reach out to Darla Underwood (Principal): dunderwood@tvusd.us