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Mrs. Jennifer Burlingham


    Week of 2.24 to 2.28

    MONDAY 2.24

    1. SWT: 2014 argument prompt. (How do you define creativity? Do you think creativity should be explicitly taught in schools?)
    2. Briefly review the pieces of a quality argument response: Clear position, evidence to support your position, adding to the conversation 
    3. Sample response to the 2014 prompt. Note and discuss: What about it is strong? What about it is weak? What could you do to improve it?
    4. HW: Read through tomorrow’s argument prompt (Testaments Betrayed). Write 1-2 sentences that summarize Kundera’s argument


    TUESDAY 2.25

    1. SWT: Review your summary of Kundera’s argument from last night’s HW. What’s your initial position-- do you agree or disagree with him?
    2. Review positions
      1. Defend: A person’s private and public life should be allowed to be kept separate because…
      2. Challenge: A person’s private and public life are not “two essentially different worlds” and should not be treated as such because…
      3. Qualify (leaning toward defend): A person’s private and public life should almost always be allowed to be kept separate. The only situation(s) in which the “curtain separating these two worlds” should be torn down is…
      4. Qualify (leaning toward challenge): A person’s private and public life are not “two essentially different worlds.” They should only be considered separate from one another when… 
    1. Move to groups that represent your current stance
      1. In groups, start to generate evidence to support your position
      2. Aim for evidence from the “big 3” → history, current events, literature


    WEDNESDAY 2.26

    1. SWT: Current events
    2. Ways to structure/organize your argument essay (students take notes on these)
      1. Reason 1, Reason 2
      2. Counterclaim & rebuttal 1, counterclaim & rebuttal 2
      3. Reason 1, Reason 2, Counterclaim & rebuttal
      4. Primary position, exception to position
      5. Exception to position, primary position
      6. Perspective 1, perspective 2
      7. Evidence type 1, evidence type 2 (Evidence that’s closer to home/ “shallower”, bigger picture/deeper evidence)
      8. *** ALL body paragraphs, regardless of organizational method, need to be heavily grounded in specific (non-hypothetical) evidence
    1. Return to groups from yesterday (group with those who share your position)
      1. Discuss the different methods of structuring your essay. Which one(s) would be most effective to support your particular position?
      2. Complete the Argument Essay Planning Sheet as a group


    THURSDAY 2.27

    1. SWT: Current events
    2. FRQ: Individuality vs. Nationality prompt
      1. Complete the Argument Essay Planning Sheet
      2. Start rough draft
    1. HW: Finish FRQ rough draft


    FRIDAY 2.28

    1. SWT: What was the hardest part of writing yesterday’s FRQ? Which parts were the easiest? Where do you think you need more help?
    2. Review Argument Rubric
    3. HW: Revise (AND TYPE) FRQ for Monday ALSO! Bring outside reading book on Monday



    Week of 2.17 to 2.21

    MONDAY 2.17



    TUESDAY 2.18

    1. SWT: Current Event
    2. Rass out and review the rhetorical analysis rubric
    3. Review student samples for Thursday’s FRQ
    4. Self-score Thursday's FRQ


    WEDNESDAY 2.19

    1. SWT: Who would you want to speak at your high school graduation? Why would they be a good choice to inspire you and your peers?
    2. Analysis of 2018 rhetorical analysis prompt


    THURSDAY 2.20

    1. SWT: Current Events
    2. Rubric evaluation of 2018 sample responses
    3. HW: Complete the Unit 7 Multiple Choice on AP Classroom (deadline is SUNDAY at MIDNIGHT)


    FRIDAY 2.21

    Unit 7 Rhetorical Analysis FRQ











    Week of 1/13 to 1/17


    Review additional methods section samples if needed

    Due at the end of the period today: Create an outline for your methods section-- what do you need to describe? (ideas: participants, process, etc.)


    Rest of week:

    Revisions to surveys based on IRB feedback

    Review additional methods examples

    Start writing methods section


    Week of 1/6 to 1/10

    Monday, 1.6



    Tuesday, 1.7

    Finalize survey materials, students get peer feedback on surveys


    Wednesday, 1.8

    IRB applications due

    Discuss participant sampling methods

    DUE at the end of the period: Calendar with FINAL timeline in regards to collecting data


    Thursday, 1.9

    Review methods section rubric row & higher order/lower order concerns sheet

    Pick one of the 4 high scoring samples from 2016 (HERE) and review the methods section. Note what the structure was, what was explained, where sources were used.


    Friday, 1.10


    Review additional samples 

    Due at the end of the period today: Create an outline for methods section-- what do you need to describe? (ideas: participants, process, etc.)