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  • Welcome to Ms. Collins' website for ASL Levels 2-4! Here you will find everything you will need for these classes, including class calendars, the textbooks and workbooks, vocabulary packets, assignments, rubrics, study guides, videos, games, and many other supplemental tools and materials to help you be successful! If you need it for class, you can find it right here!


    It is YOUR responsibility to make up work when you are absent, including participation (if you are absent for several days in a row, please see me for your alternate participation make up assignment). Do not come up to me the next day and ask what you missed - I will simply send you right here to this website! You need to click on the tab above for your class level, check the calendar for what you missed, and complete and/or study what we did on that day and turn it in/get a stamp the next day you come to class. When you click on any assignment on the calendar, it will literally say "If you were absent today..." - follow the directions for that assignment and text or email me if you have any questions about it or need some help. This will help keep you from missing work and falling behind!

    You have one week to make up daily classwork assignments due to an excused absence for full credit. After one week, any late work/make up work is half credit. Projects/Presentations are still due on the day they are due, regardless if you miss a day or two because you are aware and notified weeks in advance of their due dates, are given ample time both in and outside of class to complete and submit them, and have access to assistance from me 24/7. If you are gone multiple days and will miss the due date, you need to come see me BEFORE the due date to make alternate arrangements and/or get additional help or clarification on what is expected of you.

    If you are absent one day during the week, you still have to complete the quiz or test at the end of that week. It is your responsibility to make up and study what you missed and come to me BEFORE the quiz/test if you need help understanding anything. The tools you need are always at your fingertips and you need to USE THEM in order to be successful. I am also available by text or email outside of class, 24/7. If you are absent for a quiz or test, you have one week to make that up at lunch or after school. You MUST make an appointment with me in order to do so because of the Chrome Book schedule. You should attempt to do so ASAP so you do not get behind before the next quiz/test. 

    This is a very student-driven, independent, college-accreditation course - you need to be productive and proactive in this class!
    You are expected to complete your assignments in full and study the vocabulary DAILY. Use this website CONSISTENTLY and ask for help when you don't understand something and you will do well in here!

    Remember, I am ALWAYS be here to help you out - all you need to do is come and talk to me! :)


    We ask that you make a small donation of $1 (or more if you would like) before clicking on the link below and watching the performance. The students worked over 3 months from home to create an amazing 2-hour long production just for you! Your entire donation goes right back to the students no matter which model they end up in when school resumes in the Fall and *bonus* it's tax deductible! :-)

    We appreciate your patience, ENJOY THE SHOW, and as always...GO BEARS! 


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    Students are expected to work independently during Advisement. If you have no current work to do, you may borrow a book from my in-class library to read. Doing nothing or choosing to sleep is not an option.
    Only the following passes are accepted for student movement during Advisement:
    YELLOW Mandatory Intervention Passes
    BLUE Daily Intervention Passes
    Any other passes that students attempt to use are INVALID. Handwritten Advisement or Intervention notes are against school policy and NOT accepted. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without a valid pass.  
    Students are only allowed to go to the Counseling Office to see their counselor on their own time, not during class time, UNLESS they receive a call slip from the counseling office (meaning, they have an appointment scheduled), or in the event of an emergency and the teacher sends them to Building 4. 
    Students who are leaving campus during the school day must pick up their Attendance slip BEFORE their departure time, before school, during break, during lunch, or during a passing period - they may NOT do so during class time. If they are unaware they are leaving during a class period, a call slip from Attendance will be sent to the classroom with a departure time.
    Your continued cooperation in these school-wide policies is TRULY VALUED and APPRECIATED.

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