exterior of Rancho Vista High School


    The mission of Rancho Vista High School is to foster the development of our students into productive citizens who value knowledge, communicate effectively, think critically, ask meaningful questions, take personal responsibility, and demonstrate ethical conviction.

    IT IS OUR GOAL TO . . .

    • Ensure high quality instruction and learning as evidenced by increased CAHSEE scores, higher grades, and an increase in the credits earned by our students;

    • Create an atmosphere where students are respectful of themselves and others as evidenced by improved student attitude, participation, attendance, and a decrease in disciplinary referrals;

    • Provide opportunities for our students that will prepare them for future employment and involvement within the community as evidenced by quality senior portfolios and an increase in overall community service hours performed by our students.


    The teachers and staff of Rancho Vista High School will . . .

    • Employ strategies that encourage the simultaneous engagement of all students in their content areas;

    • Hold students accountable for meeting behavioral expectations as outlined in the School-wide Discipline Plan;

    • Recognize students who demonstrate academic and/or behavioral excellence;

    • Encourage and promote the students’ participation in community service opportunities;

    • Provide appropriate interventions to support at-risk students who are having difficulty mastering the English and mathematics standards required for graduation.