August 14, 2020

    Dear Pioneer Families,

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are so excited to start this school year and the next great, big adventure in education with each of you. This past six months has brought about unprecedented challenges and transitions in our lives that we could never have imagined. From our homes, to our schools, to our communities, the world has changed. Please know that despite all the change around us, one thing will always remain the same. We are 100% committed to providing each and every child with the best educational experience around in a safe and healthy way. While the way we do that may have changed, our goal remains the same. We are here for you, our students and families. It is going to be an AMAZING year!

    As we step into the new year, I want to introduce you to a new team member. This year, we are welcoming a new Assistant Principal, Mr. Manuel Graniel. Mr. Graniel comes to us from LAUSD with over 23 years of educational experience. He has a wealth of experience with Literacy and Cultural Proficiency which are tremendous assets to the BES team. Welcome Mr. Graniel!

    In every year, our ultimate goal as an Administrative team is to ensure consistency and thorough support for all students, staff, and families. We are a unit and we work collaboratively. Please do not be surprised or concerned to see us together in communication, in meetings, or in person. Team is the best way for us to get the job done and we look forward to the challenges, excitements, and obstacles that each year brings our way!

    This year, we’ll be focusing our annual theme on Building Your Best Self. None of us is perfect. We are all always striving to be the best version of ourselves we can be. Sometimes that road is an easy one to walk but often, it is hard and treacherous. We want our students to know the kind of traits that make a good person, how to act in ways that support those traits, and how to respond when your character is challenged. Building Your Best Self is a journey that never ends. Life will always give you challenges that must be faced and overcome. When you take on those moments with the right frame of thinking, you can do and be anything you want to be.

    In addition to our theme, we’ll be taking on the responsibility of supporting students in three different learning models (Traditional, Cohort, and Online) while also maintaining rigorous, consistent systems of support for behavior, academics and social-emotional growth. PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems), Literacy, Interventions, SEL (Social-Emotional Learning), VAPA (Visual & Performing Arts), PE (Physical Education), and so much more will all continue to thrive at BES. Things will look and feel different, that’s the truth of the times we are living in. But, again, our commitment to providing each and every student with the best education and experience in school remains as the backbone of all that we do.

    We know that this year is going to be unique. We are forging ahead to learn all things new because that is what Pioneers do. We will support students first and always. We will work with you, openly communicate, and do our very best each and every day. We will make mistakes and we will learn from them. We look forward to the growth, challenges, and rewards that only this moment and elementary education can provide. Our doors are open and we are ready to support you every step of the way. Thank you in advance for your support, grace, and understanding.

    Welcome to the 20-21 school year at Ysabel Barnett Elementary School. It is going to be an AWESOME year. Let’s go Pioneers!

    Mrs. Gradstein, Mr. Graniel & Mrs. Bouck

    BES Administration Team


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