Every IB student received a page detailing how to access and check scores for May 2020.  It was done in the classroom, in the library for those who missed it, and then by personal call up.  If all of that failed the sheet was sent to the student in class along with the directions.  So please do the following to find your sheet:
    1.  You were given a hard copy, and a copy was put into your google folder I shared with you.  If you can access your google folder, you can still find it there.  
    2.  You were asked to take a picture of it and save it to your phone.  Then, because 50% will lose or change your phone, you were asked to send a copy to the parent or guardian who would hang onto it.  Check your phone and check with that person.
    3.  You were asked to email it to yourself.  If you were a senior you were asked explicitly to email it to your PERSONAL email as your school email may no longer be available.
    If you didn't do any of those things, please email me on or before July 19th.  On the 19th I will respond to all of these requests at once, so I am not doing it one at a time, which is tedious.  
    TOK/EE Pending:
    For some reason the TOK/EE total is pending.  I have contacted the IB to find out why.  However, all of you appear to have scores for these, so you can figure out your points on the grid. You can also just total your points to have an idea about your diploma status.  I have included a link to the powerpoint we went over a number of times with this information to help you set your mind at ease.  
    I have ordered your IB scores sent to the college you chose on the survey.  You should be able to see this in your portal.  75% of colleges receive scores electronically.  They then have to access them and go in and update your college transcript with any credits due.  If you have decided to take a gap year and then go next year, you may want to contact your college and ask what to do in this case.  
    If you are unhappy with a score you make retake an exam in the November session.  As the pandemic in America does not appear to be decreasing at this time, I have no idea what that will look like.  Once all of the scores are out and you have contacted your college, you can determine whether or not this is something you would like to do.  I will get more info to you as I have it very soon.
    You cannot challenge a score on an internal, but I can challenge the entire group if they are heavily moderated.  Your instructors and I will be determining if that would be a good course of action. This is important because results can move either way, and if they change them, they move for all students affected, not just chosen students. For external exams you can challenge scores.  There is a process for this involving payment.  Once the decision is made, if they move your score up you don't have to pay, but if it remains the same you do.  If you are interested in this you can let me know and we will look at the score breakdown to make the best decision. The breakdowns are not available until July 10th.
    That's all I can think of for now.  Contact me directly if you have a different concern and I can share the response with everyone!

    This is a lecture on study skills...it's really good and only one hour long!  You could watch it in two half-hour blocks.  It's totally worth it!

    Study Less Study Smart

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  • The AP Potential and Course Selection Process

    1. At the end of last semester all of the PSAT reports were available online for students at each grade level.
    2. After getting the results, the College Board identifies students who have potential for success in AP and IB courses.
    3. GOHS has generated letters for these students which identify the courses in which the College Board has recognized an aptitude for an AP or IB course.
    4. These letters were mailed home.  They were also passed out to students through their English courses.
    5. For the next four weeks, GOHS AP and IB teachers will be hosting interventions in the Performing Arts Center to showcase their courses and to provide students with a strong sense of what the course is about and what it entails.
    6. The link to the schedule of these interventions is below.  It is subject to change, so please check it before the week begins.
    7. ANY INTERESTED STUDENT may attend these interventions.  It is NOT limited to students who received a letter.  There are many reasons a student may not have received a letter, and it does not necessarily mean that a student wouldn't be successful in an AP course - most especially if they take an AP or IB course they are interested in.

    AP Potential Schedule for Students and Parents

    What to do when you get a letter or think you want to enroll in an AP or IB course (s):

    1. Attend the intervention correlated with that course.  You do not need an intervention ticket.
    2. Go into your Academic Plan on Infinite Campus and choose the AP course you have decided to take.
    3. Consider scheduling a meeting with your grade-level counselor or the AP/IB coordinator to look at a four-year schedule. You may take two courses next year and two the following.  They do not all have to occur in the same year.  They can just become a part of your four-year plan.
    4. Download the AP/IB form from the counseling website to be signed by student and parent.
    5. Return form to counseling when classes are audited.

    *Counselors will be going through the enrollment process with students in February.


IB Updates COVID-19

  • Please click the link below for information directly from the IB regarding the fluid viral situation. Hang in there.  We will know more each day. Please contact me at jking@tvusd.us for any questions. Please also read the letter written by the IB for parents and students.

    COVID and the IB

    IB Letter to Parents and Students




    Turnitin.com:   IB Class of 2020:  Class ID is 19989904  Password is ibstudent