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    FOR THE 2019/20 SCHOOL YEAR:

    • Requests to a different school within TVUSD are being accepted to the Wait List only.  UNLESS YOU ARE CONTACTED VIA EMAIL OR PHONE, WE DO NOT HAVE STATUS UPDATES TO THE WAIT LIST.  
    • Requests to a different district with residence in TVUSD are available now for review
    • Requests to TVUSD with residence in a different district are available now for review.  Please submit these as soon as possible before the start of the new school year.


    FOR THE 2020/21 SCHOOL YEAR:

    • Requests to a different school within TVUSD will be available from mid-October 2019 to the end of January 2020
    • Requests between districts will be available as of mid-January 2020  

Transfers Are:

    • Based on where you live, not where your child attends
    • Different and independent from enrollment and registration
    • Reviewed with regard to space availability and date/time submitted - they are not guaranteed
    • Reviewed individually and siblings may receive responses at different times

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