9. What is a Certificate of Compliance?

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 A Certificate of Compliance is the form that must be completed and certified by the District, that your project was reviewed and assessed for impact on the District or not. 

The certificate is effective or valid for 30 days commencing from the date of issuance.  In essence, the District is allowing the developer or owner 30 days to pull the permit.

Only at the Board of Trustees of Temecula Valley USD sole discretion can an extension be granted.  The Board may grant an extension for any number of days up to and including thirty (30) days.  ONLY three extensions are given to the developer for a total of 90 days.  If a building permit is not issued, for the construction of the corresponding dwelling unit, the developer will be reimbursed all amounts paid less a reimbursement levy, without interest, that was paid to obtain the Certificate of Compliance.